Asia Culture Center

2015.9.7 - 8
会場 : Asia Culture Center Theatre(光州・韓国)


Ohno Kazuo, ‘the flower of Butoh’ had discovered the secret of Butoh and the secret of life from withering flowers. For him, every living moment was a revolution. He had stopped dancing for a while until he found a new inspiration from the innovator of Spanish Dance, Antonia Mercé. Her dance brought Ohno back to dance and became the work <Admiring La Argentina> (1977). During his dance, the ‘form' created by Ohno slowly transformed into an exhilaration.

Was he dancing her dance? Was he dancing for her? Was he dancing with her?

Kawaguchi Takao, who has never seen the dance of late Ohno on stage, yet attempts to replicate Ohno’s spirit, or rather, his 'form' based on video archives. He imitates Ohno's 'dance' only by its 'appearance', thus 'reenacting' <Admiring La Argentina>.

Just imitating the ‘form’ and excluding the ‘spirit’ is probably the least ‘Ohno’-like methodology. The issue of interior and the exterior was exactly what had led the vitality of Butoh. It regresses to the fundamental question of life and death, and of dance. What is the ultimate motivation behind dance?

During his dance, the ‘form' created by Kawaguchi slowly transforms into an exhilaration. An ‘interior’ is endowed to what had been a soulless form, and yet drifts back to disorder. In this gap of death and representation, the movements of Kawaguchi fiercely vibrate between the form and the spirit. The dance 'about' Ohno Kazuo becomes a mediating ritual that hovers 'about' Ohno Kazuo.

Is Kawaguchi dancing Ohno's dance? Is he dancing for him? Is he dancing with him?

Concept, direction and performance: Kawaguchi Takao
Choreography: Ohno Kazuo, Hijikata Tatsumi
Dramaturge and visual: Iina Naoto
Lighting design: Nakayama Nami
Sound design: Coda Noriaki
Costumes: Kitamura Noriko
Archive materials courtesy of: Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, CANTA Ltd.